Enhance your presence…

Do you people remember the day??
One year crossed…
The world still in mislay,
Though some punished,
Though some ceased,
A lot more is there to be saved,
A voice is poking the earth from her grave,
“Come on u people,
Justice is still to be ample,
Don’t think am dormant or dead,
Am watching you from my very own grave,
My soul is still not satisfied,
Because nothing was left on 16 December for me to hide,
I will seize you till then,
The woman around will enhance their presence,
No tears i want,
None of my friends i want to haunt,
Of what i felt on that very cold night,
what i want is wake up and pick a fight,
Or shall i reserve one next to my grave,
I request you to control this destructive wave”………………..


“Love is not a boy thing”

Chapter 4
The fresher’s party was close. The auditions for the fashion parade were the CENTRE OF ATTRACTION at the moment. We could see girls and guys modelling, practicing and enjoying. I and Rohan were in the class of Mr. Bakshi. The lecture was boring, so we decided to get thrown out of the class. And by playing certain mischievous tricks, we succeeded. We departed from the class and entered the activity room where the auditions for the fashion parade were being held.
The English tracks were at pitch, with girls with attitude discovering the cuts of their bodies.
‘MY HUMPS, MY HUMPS’ was the track being played. I was so lost in watching the girls that I had started with,’
“Marjani paundi bhangra, angrezi beat te…..”
And this was a BANG ON. One of my senior was behind me, watching me revealing my naughty expressions.
“Hello mam! Could I help you in any of your work?” I asked her politely.
“Yeah, better leave the room….” She answered me bitterly.
I asked Rohan to come along with me. But he refused. ‘Asshole’ that is what he is. He was watching the girls with so much of attention that he had beaten the women in the temple who are immensely lost in the worship of Lord Shiva at the eve of Shivaratri. ‘Prem Pujari kahin ka’ or more precisely I should say ‘figure pujari’.
I was enjoying every phase of my life, the college, the city anything, everything. In the hostel I was busy with my diary, fascinating, identifying, and analyzing life. And when I would think what destiny had done with me and Riya I would recall an old saying of Uataad Utsav Dutta,
Vo pattha jiska tuta dil,
Bach gaya vo bharne se,
Kudiyo ke vadde vadde bill……
While Raghav had tasks much more different then mine. I had fantasies in my world while he had goals. I was a woolgatherer, a daydreamer, while he was practical. We would be in the same room but busy with ourselves. But this LOC was not for long and we had sorted out all our misunderstandings we were dealing with.
Actually what brought us close were the Aloo Parathas, Raghav’s mother had brought for him. Ghaziabad was not a place far off from Delhi therefore she could reach him easily.
It was 12 noon I remember when she entered the room. The aroma of Aloo Parathas was pulling me towards them. I greeted his mother with my impressive behaviour and she was pleased (as Raghav was a little of a rough character). And finally she offered me the ‘yummy parathas’, which were actually my target.
I was just a second far from shooting the big tasty bite of the paratha in my mouth with a big sip of cold lassi and Raghav entered in the room. It was a situation difficult to handle. I was in the dilemma of about whether I should stop thereofh or should continue with the parathas. Without thinking much, I just attacked on the meal ‘inviting Raghav to join me. Raghav was unable to figure out my desires. But he did not react. Finally, after fulfilling my desires I left the room for a walk and offer a little of privacy to the mother’s boy. After his mother left, I consoled him by explaining him that I did not want to bother his mother about our fight.
But Raghav had in a meanwhile come in account of my hungry thoughts and had laughed out lauder, I too joined him and consequently we had resolved our misunderstandings without discussing about the former. True friendship never needs words to understand one another. We were friends again then.
I had till then realised about Riya having feelings about Raghav and therefore I decided of bringing ‘the most admirable couple’ together.
Riya had become a good friend of mine in that while. We would often hang out together but just as friends. She would sometime interrogate me about Raghav, his likes and dislikes. And I would tease her in the name of Raghav. On the other hand Raghav had no feelings for her. But who knew this, only I. We four, I, Raghav, Riya and Rohan would many a times sit together in the cantene and have fun. We enjoyed, played pranks on others and prepared assignments. Actually Raghav would prepare them and we just copied.
Between everyone enjoying there was someone who had a difference, Aparajita. She was a gone case. Never indulged in talking with boys or so. She never had any interest in making new friends and nor was she a bookworm sort of a person. She would also bunk classes like us but would rather go to the sports department of the college. She played basketball. She would play for hours, overcomed her frustation through her game and would come out fresh. She would always carry an angry look full of attitude. therefore no boy would ever try to come in contact.
She never cared about her dressing style. She had a ‘tomboy’ sort of a look, very surprising to see a girl in such an outfit. She was just to herself. And therefore we were curious to know about what she actually was?
this is human nature, even when you are not involved in some sort gossip you will be held a part of it. This was the case with Aparajita. I had always tried to make friends of different kinds, so how could i spare her. And knowing that she was the one who was the most different gone case. And ofcourse above all she was a GIRL. A little makeover of her outfit would rather make her a girl.
Riya and Aparajita had consecutive roll numbers, and terefore would get indulged in random works together. WORK….lolz cat fights were what they were always into.
Aparajita was a typical tuff character. Her words were harsh and rather had weight. On the other hand Riya was asensitive one. She would often speak rubbish things. She would therefore often get crushed and destroyed off of the avalanche of Aparajita’s heavy words. Riya was my friend and I could not see her crying and hence I would too have fights with Aparajita.
I was actually pissed off of their fights and hence decided to create a ielectric between them. And guess what medium it could be other than Raaghav???? So I decided to distract Riya by making her come close to Raghav. And hence I almosty convinced Riya that Raghav also had feelings for her. And very soon he would propose her……..

“Love is not a boy thing”


We took a bus to accommodate us to the adventure island. Till then I was not known to the typical gentlemen idea that the tickets would be under our credit. When I got to know about this entire cruel rule I was out of my wits. Per ticket charged Rs. 600, we all collected Rs. 1500 each and bought the tickets and some eatables. My excitement was now a little diminished. But watching Riya jumping around, I got all my strength back. The girls ran towards the Metro Walk, and we the boys following them. I had never been to Adventure Island before. It was just great, the amusing rides, and the rain dance and of course the well built infrastructure. The game world there was great fun and the most astonishing place. If I had been alone I would have ran towards it. But we were with the girls and the game world was within the mall. Going to the mall with the girls would be a disaster so we decided not to burn our pockets and just followed the girls.
Well I sometime feel girls crazy, what is the damn fun in having such dangerous rides? I just love the rain dance. At least that is a little romantic. In the time being, I was in the pain of losing my pocket money Rishi had thrown his love net over Alankrita.
“sala mauke pe chauka marna koi iss se sikhe”.
I commented.
“Ab invest kiya hai to profit to milna chaiye na”, Suggested Raghav (watching me getting jealous of Rishi). Actually Raghav was trying to boost me up.
Riya after having three rides came back to me and Raghav insisting us to go for the water coaster. I was ready but Raghav denied. Riya and Ruchika requested Raghav and therefore Raghav decided to come along. Well from this incident it was crystal clear that ‘ladki ki ek request ke peeche sala dosti bhi peeche reh jati hai, kamina kahi ka’. We were now on our way to the water coaster (I, Raghav, Riya and Ruchika). I suggested Raghav,
“Vese Ruchika bhi mast hai, kya bolta hai”.
“Keep your mouth shut Utsav”, replied Raghav.
While others were enjoying the twister, Rishi and Alankrita were having ice cream. It seemed as if the whole world was running around them. We were in the queue for the water ride. Ruchika and Riya were deciding their costumes for the fresher’s party. Ruchika asked us about our plan for the fresher’s. “Sala inke kharche mukte to apne bare me sochte na”, I thought. But I just denied thinking of not being rude. The queue was long so we had an ‘investigation’ talk. All the so called general questions they had: where are you from, and the general girl’s queries? And finally the queue came to an end. And because of the hot weather Riya asked me to get a coke for her and Ruchika, and i being the gentlemen went off to get them a coke. It took a long time to get them the coke and in the meanwhile our turn had come. And Riya had held Raghav’s hand to come along with her for the ride and Ruchika was asked to wait for me to come and finally the gate was closed. Raghav asked me to come in place of him but in the meanwhile Riya called Rohan to join me for the ride. Raghav denied moving into the boat but Riya sarcastically said,
“Don’t be a spoil spot Raghav, come on! It would be fun”. The man too shouted in anger to hurry up and unwillingly Raghav had to have the ride. And finally they with the boat departed.
I was angry and sad and had come out of the queue. Raghav understood what all was going on in my mind, but he couldn’t help. And finally they were through the ride, shouting, holding each other in the whole way. Watching them so close tears knocked my eyes. The interference was created by both my emotions of sadness and anger in me. Rohan asked me for the ride but I refused him simply by saying that I feel it scary. He consoled me by offering me to join the rain dance and pulled me with him on the dance floor.
Well, the rain dance was the better option to go for; it would hide my tears as well as my anger. Life is like a roller coaster you never know during the ride what turn is going to account you. I saw Riya and Raghav giggling while returning. Their reaction accelerated my anger. And suddenly the emotion over Raghav’s face took a U Turn. Riya pointed me and said,
“Look there he is…. hey! Utsav where were you??We thought you were in the queue.”
“No, I saw you both shouting and I couldn’t come, it was scary.” I replied.
“Scary but exciting, Raghav seems tuff but you wouldn’t believe how badly he held me during the ride that I got scared watching him that way. But overall it was fun. What say Raghav?” said Riya.
Raghav just smiled upon, a fake smile. He had seen anger for him in my eyes. Ruchika and Riya then joined the rain dance with the group smiling, dancing and enjoying the evening. But I was constant as if I have been given anaesthesia. Raghav came near me and said,
“Hey! Dude it was not what I wanted.”
I just moved on without uttering a word. He held my hand to stop me but I pushed him back and asked him not to create a scene. Everything seemed moving out of my hand just like the sand. I felt bad, actually worse. I wanted to cry but the world does not accept a crying guy. If she would have been with somebody else I would never had felt such bad but she was with my friend. Raghav was my friend how could he do all that with me??
He could have refused. Actually he did. But at that span of time everything else was scattered of my sight. My anger was in 90 degree leading my brains, so I couldn’t think anything else. Everyone was enjoying on the bumpy car and I was getting bumped by my heavy heart. Raghav on the other end was sad and confused about what should he do next? He was sad because I was sad. I was not with him but he was always with me, in my every emotion. Why does a girl become so important that we guys cannot distinguish between what is wrong and right.
At one end was Riya who had nothing done for me but I was dreaming for her for days and nights. And on the other end was Raghav, my friend, ‘my roommate’, ‘my family’. For that pack of beauty I was losing a friend, a good one. But at that instant I was unknown to my own intelligence.
“If she cannot be mine, she should not too be Raghav’s”.
This is what directionless youth is. Well, the picnic was almost over, because the reason for the former was over. I thought it would be long lasting but….
Everybody was busy having pizzas and pastas but I and Raghav were away from all this. I was sitting near the water coaster but don’t know where Raghav was? And I never asked him about this. It was then time to just move on. It was 8.30 pm, Rohan called me to come along with them as we were leaving. Finally we had departed towards our separate ways. I and Raghav were in the same bus, sitting close but were far apart. A typical silence was between us. I was sitting on the window side, watching the Delhi’s traffic, the crowd. And felt lonely. In between the population of 10 million if you still feel lonely it’s definitely because of your first crush. It was the first time in Delhi that I missed my mom. I wanted her at that moment. I wanted to hug her. We finally reached the hostel. The first thing I did after reaching the hostel was calling my mom.
“Hello ma”.
“Hello! Beta Utsav”, kaisa hai, khana vana kha raha hai thik se ke nahi…… aj tune phone kese kiya koi problem hai kya?????
“Na maa, sab theek hai, aise hi phone nahi laga sakta kya??? Or aj mera dost ghar se dal makhni laya tha to aapki yaad aa gyi….”
“Muge bhi teri bohot yaad aa rahi hai beta”
“ma ab please rone mat lagna, that is why I don’t call you…. anyways how is papa???
“He is fine….”
“kkk…ma talk to you later got to go….bye take care…”
I was sad, now because I missed my mom. Therefore I shared my heavy heart missing my maa with my diary,
‘Kitne haseen the vo pal,
Jb ma hatho se khana khilati thi,
Aj unhi yaadon ko sanjote hue,
Sukhi roti namak ke sath kha raha hu mein,
Aur dhund raha hu us swad ko
Jo waqt ke sath guzar gaya
Samundar ki rait ko
Muthi me band krne ki koshish me
Din raat guzar gaye
Aur guzar gaya mera
Khilkhilana, muskurana, gunguna
Aaj jhatpata raha hu mein
Pani se dur us machli ki tarah
Agar ma sath hoti
To shayad maut ko bhi gale laga leta
Har dard me ek khushi hoti
Ke vo hai sath muge samhalne ke liye
Aj kyo akela pad gaya hu mein
Kyo chala gaya itna dur unse
Kyo chala gaya itna dur khud se
Har shararat yaad aati hai
Meri chot or unke aasu yaad aate hai
Har zid yaad ati hai
Aur har zid ko pura karne ki unme umang yad ati
Aaj dur hu sab se
Aaj dur hu zindagi se
Dost hai sath par khudgarz
Pyar hai sath par jese koi karz
Ek ma hi hai jo aaj hoti sath
To pad leti mera har dard har raaz………
Well it was midnight then and finally I slept.
Again the regular routine, we were back to the college, boring lectures, bunks, ‘canteen ke samose’ n all and that bullshit. The time was running but I was steady. I and Raghav were having a cold war (actually only I had). I could find Riya paying more than enough attention on Raghav. But Raghav was far away from all this. He had things which he found much more important than all this stuff. And finally I thought of taking a hard step. I finally decided to ‘dump’ Riya. She was not my type. Too much of girly she was. And above all that my bank balance would become volatile in her presence. Moreover it would have been a waste of time being the so called ‘devdas’, that wouldn’t suit my image. And then I decided to wait a little rather than jumping on a girl with a sudden love emotion.
It was the third lecture and we got to know about our fresher’s party being organised the next month. I was excited about the party. There was a fashion parade too. It would be fun watching girls in shorts and skirts revealing the sexy cuts over their bodies I thought.
“Hey! Utsav where is Raghav????” asked Riya.
“No idea… Why???”
“No I was thinking he can also participate in the fashion parade. What say???”
“He is least interested in all this yaar.”
“And I think he is going to enjoy all this.”
The more I was trying to avoid all this, the more was it reaching me, Riya, my first crush. I was trying to resolve the knot of infatuation, distraction that was developing in my mind but it was getting tighter with the emotions of jealousy and anger. I would sometimes get frustrated of Riya interrogating about Raghav and all my anger would pop out on Raghav. He would never react upon understanding my position and would often say,
And his this attitude would sometime fuel up my anger while sometime alone I would smile upon while thinking I too am becoming a GAJINI kind of person or should I say RAGHAV kind, THE SAME PERSONALITY CHANGING DISORDER……
. . . . . . . . .
The clock was running and slowly all my negative emotions were diluting. My anger and jealousy persisted for just a short span, days passed and so my grief. And after all Utsav is joy, fun, strength, life which like an eclipse may get hidden of the negative world but would reappear like a new born……



“Love is not a boy thing”


Raghav was a fit specimen with muscular body, six pack abs. And me on the other hand was not so fit but ‘cute go happy’ guy. The journey to our destination had begun. We were bent in the direction of the virtual world of fantasies, love, infatuation and attraction. It was the first day for the college. Raghav had got up at 6.00 am and had workouts. And I was sleeping. He had bathed, got ready for the breakfast AND I was still sleeping. It was 8.00 am and finally I had come to my senses. He was ready to go for the college. And I was on my way to get dry-cleaned. I drank milk and rolled the parathas for the way to the college. I, with my ‘chap-chap’ sound on the rickshaw had irritated Raghav. And he pointed me and said,
”Utsav, eat without creating any additional gaffe and make it a little faster, we are about to reach the college.”
We had arrived, all the imagination I had till then had like the hot wax in a container, taken its shape, a shape of being someone special in the college. I had intuitions of sensing something beautiful trying to reach my heart but I resisting it as I was unknown to that beauty. But what was that I could not sense?????
I moved on, my curiosity made me moved.
Kyu bhul jate hai hum khud ko,
Duniya ki is chakachondh me,
Saikdo me pehchaan bnate hue,
Kyu kho dete hai apni pehchaan,
Na jane kis aakrosh me…….
With all my intrinsic thoughts in me, Raghav interrupted me and the cloud of thoughts over me had vanished. Finally this was that again reminded me that we were in the college, the place of MY dreams.
Suddenly a group of seniors like WWE players had surrounded us. Well for how long had I waited for this ragging thing, only I know? I with a big smile on my face greeted them as if I was the so called ‘host’ and they the ‘guests’ at my place.
They after figuring me out had decided to make me the so-called ‘bakra’ of the year. I was unknown to their evil thoughts and was excited to perform the dare they asked me to do. One of the skilled specimens took us guys at the corner and asked me to wear a ‘bikini’ and perform the ‘mujra’ to entertain them. In seconds all my smartness had diminished. I was out of my wits. I had no words to say. My eyes had come out of my face and I had turned pale. Even Sachin Tendulkar is a duck sometimes I thought and was trying to combine all my strength and confidence which had been like pearls of a necklace broken and wandering here and there. But this was something which could not make me think positive.
Watching me getting pale, Adi sir disclosed the suspense and said that he was just joking and that ragging was banned in the college. This was something unexpected and I till minutes were not able to come out of that ‘cold’ ragging thing.
It was my first day to the college, how could I let it go being the ‘bakra‘of the day. Now to gain all the strength what I required was a feedback network. Raghav had watched me getting pale from pink, the pinkness of excitement. He had therefore no words to console me. But I was Utsav, how can Utsav get in contact with the sadness, the negative world. It did not suit my name. But the question was how to change that critical environment??? Everyone was staring me like I was the monkey being played in the circus?
But wait what is the only thing a boy gets attracted to neglecting all the others, I thought, a girl, and a sexy one. Suddenly a sexy girl in black salwar kurti had come near me and with her sweet voice said,
“Hi! We are in the same branch, remember me….. Myself Riya Arora. How are you??
”Of course and I am perfectly fine, this is Utsav Nagpal.”
Well now I had understood why she had introduced me to herself. In seconds I was famous. The wave of that ragging thing had now reached the girls too. It was 10am and the time for our first class. Riya with a smile pointed out for the first class getting started. With her friends she bade me a short bye. She had gone in. All the boys were now looking at me with the J-factor. Rohan was whispering that how does I know that pretty girl?
Now I had the ball in my hand. I could spin it and set the dilemma among the players. After all I am a Punjabi guy and ‘Punjabiyo di phukrian te world famous hondi hai’.
“Well she is a pretty girl, isn’t she????”I exclaimed.
“How does u know her bhai?” asked Rohan.
“Aare! Nothing is so suspicious about it yaar, I had met her at Mc Donald’s, she was besides me and we had a conversation but we had not exchanged our identities.”
“Had she started the conversation?”Rohan asked surprisingly.
“Yeah! why couldn’t she?”
“No bhai, it’s just that she seems to have a little of attitude in her.”
“No not at all, in fact she had acted very friendly with me.”
Well now the boys had at least Riya to discuss about, rather than my ragging thing. But what about the girls they had me and my ragging thing still in there gossips.
Raghav was stable he neither had any interest in asking about Riya and nor about that ragging episode. Well with all our discussions we had moved to our class.
Our first class was of Physics. Our Physics lecturer Mrs. Oberoi was quite sexy according to her age. She introduced herself and asked us for our intro. Well this was an interesting section. We could see all the girls and could identify the prettiest, the sexiest and the cutest ones. We were the back benchers so could just see the girls from the back. Well now I could identify Riya, Ruchika, Aastha and the most expressionless personality Aparajita, a girl with such a long name. Her name made us all whisper, how boring can such a name be like? As was the name so was the personality. She rather had any interest in the boys, gossips, or face decoration oops! Makeup. Actually no normal quality a girl is anticipated to have. Well she had least impact of hers rather than her name to be discussed about. And when u have in front of you girls like Riya, Ruchika, Aastha, Tanya, and many more packs of beauty who would think of the so-called Aparajita.
We were 38 boys in the class and 22 girls among us. This was something unfair. Now could I understand the impact of female foeticide? I had always dreamt of having a sexy girlfriend as all others do. But who could it be? Well this was something much early to be thought of. We were not even friends right then. Bit I could not miss the chance; there was an unequal distribution of girls among boys. And out of 22 girls 8 were already committed and among boys only 6 were committed. Aparajita could be deleted from the match making theory. There were 14 girls over 32 boys. Therefore I had to be calculative.
With much of fun and ‘centre-shocks’ we had our first day of our college ended. We went back to the hostel all was good till then. We had lunch and were back to our rooms. Till then I had developed naughty thoughts about Riya. From pink to black she was a master piece. I thought I had fallen in love with her, something like love at first sight. Her beautiful black eyes, as deep as an ocean, I could feel her fragrance. She had a dimple at her right cheek. When she smiled all us guys couldn’t have anything else in our sight. Her long straight hair reaching her butts made her hotter. When the air would reach her hair, her flicks would fly high and the way she moved them beside her ears, it was just amazing. I could not stop myself from thinking about her. I, my thoughts and Riya we all were together, time was passing and the clock was running. I was sitting on my window side and watching the sunset. The sky was turning dark. But darkness in Delhi is a fantasy. The headlights of the cars and bikes were throwing light on my thoughts. The horns of the cars were not irritating me rather I had started enjoying them. I felt as if the music of romance, love was all over the streets.
Wo ek jhalak,
Wo ek muskurahat,
Use milne ki meri tadap,
Aakhon me uske liye wo pyar,
Har pal use dekhne ka mera intzaar,
Aur jahil dosto ka haste hue karna karrar,
Ye pyar nahi infatuation hai mere yaar………..
Well this is what youth is all about. I too had no idea what love actually was. But whatever it was, the feeling was mind blowing. My first college CRUSH, Riya…….
It was 7.30 pm; I was in my thoughts about Riya and was smiling.
“Hey dude, was that ragging experience so interesting that u are still smiling upon.” Raghav pulled me away from Riya’s thoughts and asked.
“arre! Nahi yaar, just like that.”
“achcha kahi wo ladki ka chakkar to nahi?kya naam tha uska, Riya right? Sexy hai na.”
“kamine, kaam kar apna teri bhabhi hai…..
“Yea, I’m least interested in this entire nuisance.”
We had our dinner, and went out for a walk. The Delhi at night is at different phase. You have every night diwali there, the bright lights in the shops, the uncles shouting at night bursting out like crackers. Life is at its height. The crowd is more at night than it is during the day. This is Delhi.
From Bangla Sahib to Jama Masjid, from ISCKON Temple to the Bada Ghar, the same music you find, just the tracks are different as we have with the Anu Malik’s compositions, the music of love, passion, competition, attraction and survival at its pitch bursting out. Your feelings are the filters that select the one matching with your life while the others are rejected. Delhi is fun for some while a site of corruption, theft, destruction, molestation for others.
I could see the brightness, the positivity in life at one end while poverty, child abuse, unemployment at the other end. In the traffic itself u can watch Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes moving towards life, competition, heights while the small kids begging for food, money, survival at the other end. The existence of the word ‘competition’ according to them is having rupees 10 more than the beggar at the other corner. But even in that darkness there is a matchstick rubbing over the streets to light their destinies. There are big thoughts among the kids begging on the streets too. Somebody wants to be a dancer, the other a mechanic, somebody wants to be a cook, and somebody wants to study. But the difference is their aim, their desire is just to them, to their labour, no hand of care, support is their heads. This is life; if you watch it from far apart it is as beautiful as a rose. But as u come near it, you find thorns even on the most beautiful thing of the world
From religious point of view to the development, Delhi is the capital. The metros, which add as a fuel to the development, no doubt is one of the best example of development but when u step in you ask yourself why is this development for, for whom? When I had first been in a metro, it was late at night around 9.30 pm; I could see the job holders running around the metro stations. In the metro the scene was much more fascinating. A guy about 29 yrs. Old, so tired of his work that the place where there was no area to sit due to heavy crowds, he managed himself to take a short nap standing. I was amazed. One more phase of Delhi this was.
While watching all this we came across the BTW restaurant. I could smell the delicious Pav Bhaji and could not stop myself to resist it, though I had my dinner and we were on a walk but still I made my mind and of course my stomach for the delicious Pav Bhaji. Raghav was not in a mood to have it but I forced him therefore he just had a coke.
“maza aa gya, yaar aaj”
“control your diet, or else bhul ja Riya ko.” He commented sarcastically.
“koi pyar kare, to tumse kare
Tum jaise ho waise kare,
Koi tumhe badalke pyar kare,
To pyar nahi sauda kare,
Aur saiba pyar me sauda nahi.”
“chal chal apni nautanki band kar moron.”
Having our walk completed, actually Raghav’s and my stomach reaching saturation state we had come back to the hostel.
The next day, I got up early in the morning. Waking up at 8.00 am was a miracle for me I bathed and we were ready for the college. While stepping in the college campus I heard Riya calling me
“Hey Utsav, hi! What’s up?
We were planning a day out today to Adventure’s Island. Are you guys interested???….
And we will come to know each other as well… what say??”
“Well, I will discuss with my mates n let u know…
Vese when r u planning, I mean at what time???” I interrogated.
“12:30 sharp, we’ll attain the first two lectures, n den the picnic…”She answered
“Good one I will let u know soon”
As I came back to my friends they all were amazed about why Riya is giving so much of attention to me?
I told them about ‘Riya n party’s’ plan. Everyone agreed except Raghav. He was a boring stuff. But I convinced him somehow. And finally I gave a green signal to Riya.
I too was on cloud 9 that day. I was now sure Riya too was attracted to me. We were then in our maths class. Prof. Dixit had started with his first unit on differentiation. But I in my fantasies was integrating me and Riya. The other boys had sensed something wrong. They all thought Riya was a Delhihite how she can give a green signal just like that to a shapeless guy Utsav? But I had no such negativities in me. Then I had too decided to take a step forward towards Riya.
Everything else had scattered out of my sight except Riya. I was wondering when the clock would turn 12:30 and we would enjoy a day out. But the bloody clock had ‘Jammed’ like the Delhi’s traffic. I had never watched my wrist watch with so much of curiosity before. Even the journey of 5 min for the long hand of the clock was of kilometres that day. And I was trying to convince myself by murmuring,
‘intezar ka fal meetha hota hai…’
And finally the first lecture was off. Next we had the class for Operating System by Ms. Ritu. She was a boring personality. She had no interest in either ours or her intro section. And she had forwarded herself with her subject.
She was explaining us the operating system. But my operating system I mean my brains was in cut off region. She started her low level language and ended to the high level language and I was learning the language of love via eyes. In minutes I was vibrating in left and right direction in order to get a look of hers. The time was not passing so I decided to pen down my thoughts…..
Bina palak jhapkaye
Tuge dekne ki meri ye aadat,
Abhi to ye shuruvat hai
Na jane kya rang laegi hmari ye mohobbat,
Tera muskurana, muskura k chale jana
Jawan ye mohabbat busdil ye zamana,
Kese sunau tuge is dil ki dastan
Ye lecture khatm ho to shuru karu tuge fasana…..
My thoughts were just to me and my diary. I had never let anybody take a look of it. And then finally the lecture was over. We all were then ready to plan the picnic. But the picnic was already planned by the girls of course. We were total 15 to plan a day out, I, Rohan, Raghav, Akshat, Rishi, Bhavya and Rahul; and Riya, Tanya, Alankrita, ruchika and Pallavi. . . . . .